In today’s world most of thinking is that to become a great artist you always need expensive camera, expensive tools, expensive and latest software etc…..
This thinking mess up everything and stops Common people from Expressing themselves.

I believe that “Art is a such thing,if you have it then you don’t need Expensive things to complete it. Just use what resources you have available to fulfill it.”

Why I am writing in Marathi?
I am not a great writer and Photographer.I am always getting a mail,most of the people asking me that which language I am using. Why I am not writing in English or Hindi or any other language.

I am not good in to express myself in English, Hindi or any other language as Marathi is my native language.

As per my belief I am using Marathi language in which I am comfortable and express to more myself.Also my belief in “A good art doesn’t have any language,religion,money or Country boundary.”

Hope you will like and enjoy it. Your suggestion is valuable for me.

Thanks and Love Life,
Sharad Patil (Author- CommonManClick)