Entrance of Hope

Entrance of Hope [Digitally Altered]

Entrance of Hope

Entrance of Hope [Original Image]

Dear All,

First of all Belated Happy New Year 2015 and Thank You for giving me support.

From this year I have decided that I will not make dusty and corrupt images by adding copyright statement, image details and blab blab la….. I realized that there is no use of these silly things in my images. Only it make image ugly. I agree that everyone wants to save their efforts and intelligence by adding these watermark statements. But it damages the art and I will not comprise it further. I already did this mistake :-(. Now I don’t have fear about someone misuse or stolen my images as it doesn’t have such quality :-(. If someone stolen and uses these images for their professional/unprofessional use then I will become more happy. Because it is a sign of my artwork is improving and for someone it is very valuable as it reached that high quality point (Also it can give me a chance to sue them from which I can earn some money 🙂 ).I found that great professionals also not making their art ugly my keeping these watermark things in images. I am nothing in front of them; I am just a beginner of beginner. That’s why I have decided that instead of concentrate on piracy/stolen fear I will concentrate and enjoy my hobby to make much better. What all you say? Let’s Hope, this Entrance of Hope in 2015 will make me much better artist………….!

Your feedback always valuable, inspiring and helps me to learn new things to improve photography.

Thank you All again……!